Our Story


Mum always said be good. In fact, she still says it 29 years later! She’ll be happy to know that it’s not just what we want to be but what we want to do.

We want to be do-gooders of the funnest, tastiest kind. Like the kind of health crusaders who don’t get on everybody’s nerves, but value the power of body-loving foods and respect the world we live in. The big dream is to be able to sell enough products, so that we can start to give to causes we love.

Honest Goods was created by a friendly couple Seth and Megan, who are passionate about all things that nourish the mind, body and soul. The purpose of Honest Goods is to do good - by making healthy products which are tasty and easy, whilst supporting local growers, with the smallest possible waste outcome.

It sounds like a hippy heaven right? But guess what, it’s also not-quite-sure-about-this-health-hype heaven. Why? Because we’re food fanatics, which means everything we create has to taste bloody amazing, as well as be beneficial to our health. The truth is, our products are like a big hug for you and your insides.

Which is just how we like it. And how we think you’ll like it too. 



Every product is made in our kitchen — as in our actual, at home kitchen. We try to use organic or local ingredients as much as possible, because the truth is, we only want to leave good footprints.

After we think we’ve perfected the recipe, the taste tests begin. Products are tested by every visitor, friend, family member, actually anyone we could find, and tweaked until the taster starts licking their plate. We don’t finish the testing phase until our recipes taste more than just good.

The first product to leave the kitchen is the Ahi Cider range. An apple cider vinegar based tonic that is sure to get your tastebuds into gear as well as your insides. It’s inspired by a traditional immune-boosting brew and you can bet your sweet cheeks it’s made only with good stuff.

And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Be good. Do good. Eat good. Feel good.