Self care is NOT selfish!

Do you take care of yourself?

'Yes, of course' I hear you say...

So what do you do to take care of yourself?

*long pause*

Yup that's a bit trickier to answer isn't it...

Self care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health. Sounds pretty important right? So why don't we do it then? 

Many of us are crazy busy, working stressful jobs, over-committed and trying to get through our never ending to do lists. When we do manage to catch a spare few minutes we jump straight onto our phones or in front of the TV to 'destress' and unfortunately our self care goes right out the window! We may even feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves or the whole idea of self care may even sound a bit 'woo woo' to you.

We've all heard the saying 'you can't fill from an empty cup' and that is an easy way to think about the whole self care concept. Imagine yourself as the cup and  the water that fills it is your energy. If you are forever giving energy to others, to your job or to other commitments, pretty soon your cup will be empty and you will have no more energy to give. This often leads to burnout and high levels of stress. Not ideal right?

This is where self care comes to the rescue. Self care fills your cup back up again so you can be buzzing with energy. It includes things that bring you joy, things that restore that energy within and anything you do to be good for yourself.

But here is the catch... You ready? You have to make it a priority.

Self care goes deeper than an occasional facial or pedicure (although those things are lovely!) and it certainly doesn't have to cost a cent. While self care looks different for everyone, it is about finding things that refuel you and that don't feel like a chore or a hassle. 

So what are some ideas of self care to get you started?

Create a gratitude jar. Write down one thing you are grateful for each day in pop it in a jar. At the end of the month read all the little notes in the jar and start fresh next month. 
Journal. Jot down thoughts, ideas and goals. You can even doodle and sketch too!
Cloud-watching. Find a comfortable spot to lie on your back, relax, and watch the clouds drift past. 
Boogie away. Pop on your favourite tunes and dance away like no one is watching.
Essential oils. Pop your favourite oils in your diffuser and inhale deeply, add a few drops to your bath, make a spritzer with lavendar oil and spray your pillow before bed or give yourself a nice massage. * Be sure to follow safe use of essential oils
Create a nourishing meal. Show your body the ultimate self love and care by enjoying a nutrient dense meal. Bonus points if you eat it without any distractions (turn off that TV and place your phone in another room)
Get out in nature. Go for a long bush walk, relax on the beach or simply take your shoes off and pop your feet on the soft grass outside.
Help someone. Give your time to a friend, family member or a special cause like a charity. You always feel great when helping others.
Meditate. Spend 5-10 minutes deep belly breathing and sit in silence simply observing your thoughts.
Home spa day. Pop on a face mask, make a body scrub from sugar and coconut oil and give your nails a fresh polish.
Ask for help. Big or small, ask someone to help you.
Declutter. Whether it's a cupboard, a room or the whole house, declutter and organise. It is amazing how good you feel afterwards plus you will know where everything is! Hooray!
Play with your pet. Your fur baby would love the extra attention from you plus it's hard to not smile when snuggling up with them.
Read and Tea. Enjoy a good book with a cup of herbal tea. One of my personal favs!
Relax and soak. Run a nice bath and light a few candles then soak away all your worries. Extra points if you add a cup of epsom salts!
Stretch it out. Find 5 minutes to do a quick stretch. Pay special attention to your neck and shoulders!
Vision board. Grab some old magazines and scissors then get cutting. 
Alone time. Spend some time alone with yourself.
Hang out with a friend or loved one. Yup this is literally the opposite of the self care above. Both are important.
Hobby time. Sign up to yoga, dance class, boxing, a cooking course or a weekly ceramics class. 
Digital detox. Pop your phone away for a few hours and reduce that screen time. You really aren't missing anything important anyways. 
Call a friend or family member. Have a nice chat with a loved one.
Ahi Cider hot toddy. Show your gut some love and make yourself a soothing brew. Simply grab a big mug, add a splash of Ahi Cider, top with warm water and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Extra points if you enjoy it in peace and quiet, being mindful of every sip. 


I hope the above ideas get you started and that you make self care a priority in your life. It really isn't selfish, it is necessary.

Still not convinced? Give it a go for yourself and see how you feel. We would love to hear your self care practices so let us know below and we might even give them a go for ourselves.

In GOOD health,
Megs x


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