Say hello to your new best friend- Scheduling!

For as long as I can remember, I have been making 'To do' lists.

I would start by doing a brain dump and writing everything down on paper before rewriting the list in order of what I felt needed to be done first. I would even go as far as drawing a small little tick box next to each task so I could track my progress and give myself reassurance that nothing would be missed or forgotten. I would usually rewrite the list every day.. again in order of what was most urgent... (Hello Virgo!) 

I mean it seemed to make sense right? And I have always prided myself on being super organised so making lists was part of my daily routine. But the truth is.... They also caused me a huge sense of overwhelm and stress.

Yup, not ideal.

I found my 'To do' list was forever growing and I was constantly looking at this long list of tasks that I needed to do, often with a false sense of urgency. I would feel so overwhelmed that sometimes I would do nothing at all other than just stare at it.  

I remember listening to a Youtube video one afternoon while bottling some Ahi Cider tonics and they were talking about the constant pressure of all the things we set out to do each day and how scheduling tasks can take a bit of pressure off. Wow - it totally resonated with me. 

Fast forward a week and there I was, scheduling everything into my diary and throwing numerous pages of 'To do' lists into the bin. Yippee- that felt so much better and the added bonus? I also started getting more done and feeling like I had more time to simply be, enjoy and relax. 

So here I am today, writing this blog which I had been putting off for weeks to share with you a few tips on my new best friend - Scheduling!

Grab your diary, phone or Outlook Calendar, whatever you prefer and lets get started.

Do a complete brain dump onto paper or type it out electronically. I personally prefer writing things down on paper but do what feels best for you. This brain dump can include anything and everything. Mine had business tasks, personal things like self care, family and friend commitments, birthdays, upcoming events along with some new goals I wanted to achieve. I found it was easiest to create categories. For example, all the Honest Goods tasks were listed under 'Business', Read more books was under 'Self Care' and so on....

Schedule your tasks into your diary or calendar. One at a time. 

Be realistic. Don't overfill each day and set yourself up for so called 'failure'. Keep in mind that unexpected things happen and new tasks will pop up... That's life! Besides, you will schedule them in as they arise so I wouldn't be jam packing my days especially if they are more than 2 weeks away. 

Review your week ahead at the start of each week. Move things around if need be.  Add things if need be. Remove things if need be.

Add new tasks to your schedule as they arise. This means you don't need to worry about forgetting them and it avoids creating new 'To do' lists. Remember you can always reschedule them to another date if you need to. 

Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back. Awesome work!

How much you decide to schedule is up to you. There are no scheduling police, well not that I am aware of and remember to be kind to yourself as change takes time! Simply start with what is comfortable for you and go from there. Have fun with it!

I hope this helps you as much as it did for me and that you feel a bit more calm and in control of your schedule. Please share your tips that help you stay organised, I would love to hear from you!

I'm off to officially tick 'Write blog post' off my schedule for today, hooray!

In good health,

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