Listen to your body - Intuitive eating!

When was the last time you listened to your body? And I mean really listened?
You may already be familiar with the concept of 'intuitive eating' but if you haven't heard of it before, you're in for a treat! No guilt necessary!
Simply put, intuitive eating is based around making food choices without guilt and by eating when your body is hungry and stopping when you are full.  It is a super simple concept but the hardest part is being able to tune into your body and recognizing your hunger and full cues properly.
Due to our horrible diet culture we have stopped listening to our bodies and trust magazines, social media, the internet and the latest trends more than we trust our own bodies. We are obsessed with eating certain foods, at certain times and in certain amounts. While this may be useful for some people, especially when being monitored for health conditions, such rigid and restrictive rules can create an unhealthy mindset and relationship with food.
Here is the GOOD news.... intuitive eating is available to everybody and with a few tips under your belt, you can experience it for yourself- now thats what I'm talking about!
* Say goodbye to diets - Yup this is a lifestyle and you have total permission to eat whatever you want without the guilt. No calorie counting is needed and you don't have a strict list of food to eat. Of course this doesn't mean you should live off 'junk food' but it does mean you can enjoy food without guilt.
* Honor your cues - Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are almost full. Learn to trust your body and the cues it gives you - it knows you better than any calorie counting app!
* Soul food - enjoy your food and the taste of it. No deprivation here! And as life is all about balance, focus on food for nourishment as well as enjoyment.
* Tune into your feelings - our emotions are a huge driver for cravings and it is important to recognize them when they pop up. Find alternative ways to soothe your emotions other than food and remember to be kind and patient with yourself, always.
* Enjoy movement - it should never be used as punishment for eating choices. Find movement that feels right for you and your body then focus on how good it makes your body feel, the energy boost you get and the improved mood you experience.
Listen to your body - if certain foods make you bloat, get headaches or feel unwell in other ways then be mindful of it and reduce your consumption of the culprits. Honor your body and enjoy foods that make you feel good instead. Your body will tell you if it isn't happy, you just need to listen to it.
* Nourish within - we all benefit from increasing our consumption of fruit and vegetables so load up on these antioxidant rich powerhouses and see how great they make you feel! 
Intuitive eating is about respecting your body, honoring your health and enjoying life without the constant obsession over food, when to eat or how much to eat. Your body is constantly processing and providing information. Slow down at your next meal and without judgement, ask yourself:
How hungry am I?
Is it emotional or physical hunger  I am currently feeling?
How does this food make me feel?
How full am I feeling?
How is my body responding to this food?
We would love to know your thoughts on intuitive eating. Have you tried it? Do you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!
In GOOD health,
Megan x

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