Kawakawa, Herbal healing magic!

Mother nature is beautiful, powerful and nurturing. You only have to take a stroll through a park or go for a bush walk to feel the calming and grounding energy that nature provides so effortlessly. Nature is also an incredible source of healing and offers us with an array of plants and herbs that support our bodies to thrive.

Our special Ahi Cider Kawakawa tonic was created to capture the amazing benefits of Kawakawa, a member of the pepper family (Macropiper Excelsum) which has a fresh and slight peppery taste. It is commonly found in coastal and lowland forests throughout the North Island and the northern half of the South Island. It's distinctive bright green heart shaped leaves make it easy to spot. Keep an eye out the next time you go for a walk and I bet you'll start to notice it everywhere!

In Rongoa (Traditional Maori Medicine), Kawakawa is revered for it's healing and restorative properties and is used both internally and externally to support many ailments especially circulatory, digestive and rheumatic complaints.

When used internally, Kawakawa supports a healthy digestive system and may ease stomach ailments. Its bitter and stimulating properties make it excellent for constipation and it is commonly used to support IBS, cramping, bloating and indigestion. It is also great for providing some relief after overindulging in a big meal - tried and tested, so I can totally vouch for that!

As an anti-microbial herb, Kawakawa has the capacity to kill bugs, making it a wonderful aid for treating infections and it is especially useful for coughs and colds, but equally for skin conditions that tend to infection as well as fungal conditions. A powerful natural blood cleanser & natural herbal detoxing agent, Kawakawa truly is a natural powerhouse and this post is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of its superpowers!

We source our wild-craft Kawakawa from a lovely local Herbalist who grows it on her property before she carefully selects only the very best leaves for use in our Ahi Cider Kawakawa tonic. Top quality is important to us! 

We've already received incredible feedback from our customers who have given us testimonials of improved digestion, reduced bloating and even eczema clearing up. But don't just take our word for it, grab yourself a bottle and see the amazing benefits for yourself! And once you've given it a good go be sure to give us your feedback, we love hearing from you.

In GOOD health,
Megan x 

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