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If you haven't already heard about our powerhouse Ahi Cider tonics then we have good news for you!

'Ahi' means Fire in Maori and 'Ahi Cider' translates to 'Fire Cider'.  Our Ahi Cider is based on a traditional immune-boosting and digestive aid remedy with deep roots in herbal medicine but most popularly championed by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar - an absolute legend in our books!

At its most basic, Ahi Cider is an infused apple cider vinegar, loaded with powerful immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and circulatory roots and herbs. 

Our tonics are a bit of something special as we hand make them in small batches right here in beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand. After infusing for 4 -6 weeks, we strain and bottle that liquid gold and send them straight to your door. Hooray!

Sourced locally as much as possible, we choose to use whole and natural ingredients, free from any nasties and known for their health promoting benefits which is why our products taste as good as they make you feel.


As someone with a hereditary immune-system deficiency (thanks parents) plus their own business, I find myself run down way too easily. I thought I was doing everything right - eating healthy, exercising, trying to rest occasionally, but still found myself getting sick. As an ACV drinker already, the idea of using something that's already in my routine to boost my immunity was a no brainer. I haven't been sick since finding Ahi Cider and as a bonus I actually look forward to the taste, unlike my standard ACV.

Megan Raynor, Brand Babes Studio

Ahi cider!! This product is amazing. I use it every morning in a small glass with warm water. It wakes the entire body up. It definitely took a while to get used to but before I knew it, it became a part of my morning routine and I looked forward to it. I found this to keep my gut happy & regular, my acne was noticeably better but most of all my staph skin infection was finally under control after years & years of battling it!!! I absolutely love this product & even more so knowing that it is handmade with love.

Michaela Hunt, Tauranga

I have been drinking ACV in the mornings for more years than I can remember and haven't found a better tasting one than this! Now I'm a total Honest Goods Ahi Cider fiend. I love how they've added extra goodies to their cider's multiplying the health benefits of my non negotiable morning ritual. The original is my favourite tonic, but I always have the Winter Tonic on hand for when I'm feeling a bit run down and need an extra immunity boost. Couldn't recommend the products enough and how awesome is it knowing that when you buy a bottle you're supporting a small at home business! A staple in the pantry.

Bridget Paddon, Goal Diggers NZ

This product has literally saved my life! I’ve suffered from stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I used to get a painful sore stomach everyday. I can hand on heart tell you from taking this product everyday for a month I have had about 2 sore tummy’s that have gone away within a hour. Love your work!!! Will definitely be purchasing again.

Casey, Tauranga

Absolutely loving this product! It not only tastes amazing but is making me feel awesome too!

Danielle, Auckland

The Ahi Cider has become an absolute staple in our household! Aside from all the amazing health benefits it really makes an excellent dressing, ingredient in dips and marinades, or simply a morning shot to start the day! We've been feeling great since we introduced Ahi Cider into our lives. Next order we're going to switch things up and experience some Kawakawa infusion! So nice having choices.

Jessie M, Auckland

Be good. Do good. Eat good. Feel good.

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